Monday, January 30, 2012

New Month Resolution: Fit February!

Hi guys,

Body Attack Instructor was handing this out yesterday. When I heard I get a gift and 2 weeks free, I jumped at the chance. Getting 2 weeks free is a big thing. Almost like getting paid to lose weight. Made me think that I need a new resolution for each month not just every year. Actually, each week and day. This is what leads to consistency. So at end of this month, I will post a picture of this with all of the squares/classes marked off and my new month resolution achieved. Today I was thinking, how am I going to complete 29 classes in February but then I remembered when I was at university; challenges are opportunities; not obstacles. Success comes after achievement.  


  1. Good luck! I know you will be able to do this! :) Looking forward to hearing about your progress with it! :)

  2. darling K I just gave you a blogger award :D

  3. aww thanks mica. as you can see i haven't been here for a long time lol