Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blocked Ads

Hi guys,

I am new to blogging and ad sense. I looked at my blog today and found an ad for gastric bypass which is a lat band isn't it? I blocked it immediately. Here I am saying that do not get lat bands, lyposuction etc and then to find a gastric bypass ad on my blog. I logged into my ad sense account and blocked body modifications and plastic surgery category immediately as I only believe in 1 way to lose weight - consistently eat healthy and exercise and makesure energy in < energy out. Anyway; for those who want to see my calorie king food diary, it can be found at and click on the < and > arrows to traverse the days. I haven't completed yesterday and today is still unfinished. Having lunch at a friend's house today and looking forward to it. I also have a blog there at

I highly encourage and recommend people to join the calorieking club as it is very helpful for monitoring. Sometimes you may think; I am doing the right thing but the food and diary can surely prove you wrong and find out your weaknesses to address and correct. They also have a good program which taught me so much and is very beneficial to read.


  1. It can be strange what ads you get on your blog! Glad that you blocked the surgery/body modifications categories - have a look as there are some bad ones like gambling and stuff too that need to be blocked. The good thing is the more you write in your blog the better adsense gets at matching what you're talking about :)
    You're right about the only way to loose weight being to do it properly! :)

    1. Thanks Mica! I didn't see that. Good thing you told me. I will block them now. It is weird; imagine if I was previously a gambling addict and now I am blogging on how i am getting over it and then there are gambling ads on my blog lol - same with me telling about health, weight loss and then these surgery/body modification ads get placed! i will block those gambling and other ones now. Thanks for telling me!