Monday, January 30, 2012

New Month Resolution: Fit February!

Hi guys,

Body Attack Instructor was handing this out yesterday. When I heard I get a gift and 2 weeks free, I jumped at the chance. Getting 2 weeks free is a big thing. Almost like getting paid to lose weight. Made me think that I need a new resolution for each month not just every year. Actually, each week and day. This is what leads to consistency. So at end of this month, I will post a picture of this with all of the squares/classes marked off and my new month resolution achieved. Today I was thinking, how am I going to complete 29 classes in February but then I remembered when I was at university; challenges are opportunities; not obstacles. Success comes after achievement.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Day, Many blessings from God

Today was a really big day for me so I must give thanks to God for everything He did. Had so many close calls and God saved me from all of them.

  1. I was the last passenger on the bus this morning and it did not stop at the usual last bus stop. It almost detoured the city and the go card machine was broken. Thank God the bus stopped in time before I have to walk further in the rain and I got my free ride (yay!).
  2. While passing a roadside kerb full of water on the way to work, a car almost splashed me and a guy pulled me away before it could. If the water splashed on me, I wouldn't have been able to go to work as my clothes, hair, skin etc would be drenched with muddy water.
  3. Been struggling with a task from work which I worked on for over a week and finally it is finished. 
  4. A friend needed prayers for her presentation and God postponed the presentation so she did not get nervous and has time to relax, prepare and equip for the next one. I will pray that she is relaxed, remembers everything she has prepared, well equipped and it all goes smoothly.
  5. Ate a small piece of cheesecake at a work morning tea function which I shouldn't have. Really craved a body attack class after that. Struggled to find a car park at the gym as I went in a peak time and it was heavily raining. I parked at a spot which was for another business because I really wanted to go and didn't want to walk far in the heavy rain. Luckily, all I got was a warning on my winscreen not to park there again otherwise they will tow the car away. Again, God saved me from this so I thank God. I will makesure I read all the boards and obey to the parking rules no matter the weather. 
  6. Got into a small car accident reversing while it was heavily raining. Both me and the other driver were not harmed nor were our vehicles. Not even a single scratch. Thank God! The other driver was very friendly and easy going. He parked his car on the middle of the road and came over to my car in the heavy rain to see if I and the car was ok. Another angel in my midst. I prayed for him as he was very sweet, he didn't just take off and he ensured that we are both fine. 
Today when  I came home, I spent alone time with God thanking Him for everything. I felt a very strong personal connection and I want to have this personal relationship with God all the time. I thought I should share this and be thankful for everything not only what he has done for me today but every day as well.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blocked Ads

Hi guys,

I am new to blogging and ad sense. I looked at my blog today and found an ad for gastric bypass which is a lat band isn't it? I blocked it immediately. Here I am saying that do not get lat bands, lyposuction etc and then to find a gastric bypass ad on my blog. I logged into my ad sense account and blocked body modifications and plastic surgery category immediately as I only believe in 1 way to lose weight - consistently eat healthy and exercise and makesure energy in < energy out. Anyway; for those who want to see my calorie king food diary, it can be found at and click on the < and > arrows to traverse the days. I haven't completed yesterday and today is still unfinished. Having lunch at a friend's house today and looking forward to it. I also have a blog there at

I highly encourage and recommend people to join the calorieking club as it is very helpful for monitoring. Sometimes you may think; I am doing the right thing but the food and diary can surely prove you wrong and find out your weaknesses to address and correct. They also have a good program which taught me so much and is very beneficial to read.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choosing your hard; sacrifices and success

When you engross yourself in your goals, sacrifices you make, things you or other people think you are missing out on doesn't matter. The results and achievements are worth it. You don't have to do too much to lose weight and keep yourself healthy. It is just a matter of following a simple scientific formula Energy In & Energy Out.

Eat healthy, less fat and carbs but don't cut them out completely or eat too little. I find food diary very useful. Food is important to provide nutrients for essential bodily functions such as breathing, blood flow, nourishing the organs and other systems to help them do their job etc. Now I know when reading this you may think it's hard finding time to exercise, cook, busy with work, stress, love for food etc. Question yourself would you rather put the time and effort now into making yourself healthier rather than when you are diagnosed with an unfortunate illness. I used to be an emotional eater so I learnt that I don't need food to keep me happy. Food is just an energy source and I shouldn't treat is as a friend or resort no matter how tasty or satisfying.

My eating nowadays is mainly:
  • serving of sultana-bran with yoghurt for breakfast during summer months. Cup of lentil soup or watercress soup made with oats during winter months
  • half cup of rice, stir-fry vegetables with palm size lean meat, no oil or a bit of extra virgin olive oil only to avoid sticking to the wok when in a rush, 
  • smoothies (made from no fat yoghurt, ice, rose water and mango or fruit of your choice), 
  • sliced capsicum or carrot as a snack
  • almonds 
  • fruit like an apple or pear 
  • Of course, we enjoy food with family and friends and those kind of things are good but food can also become an enemy if consumed incorrectly. Identifying the weaknesses is important. Mine is savories, pastries, breads. Once a week I treat myself to a breadroll. Others may choose to treat themselves to icecream, piece of chocolate, cake etc.

    The other day I was having lunch with friends and one was telling me "it is sad that you can only indulge once a week and you can't have ice cream with us" but later she says she is considering a lat band which costs around $20K!!!? In other words; price of a car, 20 years of gym membership and for what? make you choke on what you eating so you will lose weight? Personally, I am happy I am counting my fats, protein, carbs etc and exercise in order to lose weight rather than getting surgery to tie a weird band around my stomach that makes me choke. I begged her not to do it and to just be consistent with food and exercise. I am very thankful for my mother for her wonderful healthy and tasty cooking. She lost 3kg (and she is already in her healthy weight) when I started eating healthy because she does the meal preparations and cooking at home. God blessed me with a great mother. So my point is you don't have to sacrifice too much to eat healthy. You can indulge once a week and still lose upto 0.5 - 1 kg a week provided that you are consistent. Take it from someone who lost 35 in 1.5 years. The food diary helps to identify and monitor.

    My point is eating healthy and exercising is not hard. It would be harder for me to be obese. I used to buy all my clothes from myer plus size section and it was expensive. One bra would cost around $60. Now I only spend $8-20 max on a bra. Dresses from the myer plus size section or other places would cost me over $350. Now I can buy dresses from $15 and spend an average of $30. It doesn't cost much to dress trendy and look good. Same time, it doesn't cost must time, effort or money to eat healthy and exercise. I would rather do it now while I have the chance before been diagnosed with a serious illness. Like a peer told me on calorie king, Being fat is hard, being thin is hard, so choose your hard.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Success & Rewards

Woke up this morning, said my prayers and weighed myself and lost a 1kg this week! Yay! Now 10 to go. I will aim for 84.8 next week. Also treated myself for lunch. I am allowed to treat myself once a week otherwise I may go into withdrawal like the calorieking program states.

I must thank a special friend of mine for introducing me to this blog because I've learnt so much and although it is only been 3 days that I used this, I feel like I am becoming a better person. Thanks Mica!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Forgiveness and learn lessons

We all fall down but it is how you pick yourself up that matters - Daniel Campos

In life we all fall down, we all have slip ups but it's how I pick myself up that matters. I must forgive myself and forgive others and not set expectations on others. A wise person learns from their own mistakes and a wiser person learns from other peoples mistakes. One of my goals as per the sticky note below was not to get angry and push people away. I learnt from past experiences when I pushed people away. I put expectations on them and when they did not meet them; I rejected them. Now that they are gone. I miss them.

I learnt I haven't been a good friend at times by putting expectations on them and pushing them away. I isolated myself because of hatred against myself and not them. When I needed people, I had nobody except a few who always were there for me and forgave me. I am blessed by God to have these people and I pray to God to give them all the blessings of their heart and His Will. I learnt who my true friends are during various phases of my life. True friends are there for you through the good and the bad. They come to your rescue and make themselves available for you in your desperate time of need. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

There are people who have always been there for me. They were also there when I needed them the most and even when I tried to push them away due to things not worth getting angry for (and I only realise this now). Today I got into an argument with my mother who has been there for me all my life, especially through troubles. She sacrificed so much for me and even endangered herself trying to help me and do what is best for me. I thank God for every moment I share with my her and how blessed I am to have her. Today during the argument, I almost bought up the past again (about the wrong decisions she made and things she should have done and did not do) but thank God I didn't.

It's tormenting when I bring up the past. All this time I did it thinking it will make me feel better and that she may still not realise it but she knows. I remembered my goals. The mistake I did was shout angrily which I shouldn't have done. I should have addressed the problem assertively and not dragged it on and on. I apologised and we forgave each other. I realise there is more to forgive within myself and maybe that's the reason I have grudges against others. Pastor was right; when we do not forgive others - we carry the yolk of bondage and slavery with that person but when we do not forgive ourselves; we have the same issue. We also let Satan have a hold on us and torment us. Forgiving myself will also emancipate me from all the chaos and inner demons from the past.

So my mission is to also forgive myself and maybe that would make it easier to forgive others. Even when I gain weight, I beat myself up. Instead, I should realise that this happens in life and what comes up must go down. Like the other sticky note, I should think about solutions and actions and not get caught up in the worries, emotions and stress.