Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Day, Many blessings from God

Today was a really big day for me so I must give thanks to God for everything He did. Had so many close calls and God saved me from all of them.

  1. I was the last passenger on the bus this morning and it did not stop at the usual last bus stop. It almost detoured the city and the go card machine was broken. Thank God the bus stopped in time before I have to walk further in the rain and I got my free ride (yay!).
  2. While passing a roadside kerb full of water on the way to work, a car almost splashed me and a guy pulled me away before it could. If the water splashed on me, I wouldn't have been able to go to work as my clothes, hair, skin etc would be drenched with muddy water.
  3. Been struggling with a task from work which I worked on for over a week and finally it is finished. 
  4. A friend needed prayers for her presentation and God postponed the presentation so she did not get nervous and has time to relax, prepare and equip for the next one. I will pray that she is relaxed, remembers everything she has prepared, well equipped and it all goes smoothly.
  5. Ate a small piece of cheesecake at a work morning tea function which I shouldn't have. Really craved a body attack class after that. Struggled to find a car park at the gym as I went in a peak time and it was heavily raining. I parked at a spot which was for another business because I really wanted to go and didn't want to walk far in the heavy rain. Luckily, all I got was a warning on my winscreen not to park there again otherwise they will tow the car away. Again, God saved me from this so I thank God. I will makesure I read all the boards and obey to the parking rules no matter the weather. 
  6. Got into a small car accident reversing while it was heavily raining. Both me and the other driver were not harmed nor were our vehicles. Not even a single scratch. Thank God! The other driver was very friendly and easy going. He parked his car on the middle of the road and came over to my car in the heavy rain to see if I and the car was ok. Another angel in my midst. I prayed for him as he was very sweet, he didn't just take off and he ensured that we are both fine. 
Today when  I came home, I spent alone time with God thanking Him for everything. I felt a very strong personal connection and I want to have this personal relationship with God all the time. I thought I should share this and be thankful for everything not only what he has done for me today but every day as well.

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  1. Very glad you had such a positive day, and thank you again for your prayers :) <3